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Athens Consulting makes possible technology that was thought to be impossible. We are seasoned engineers that bring about “First of its kind” products using our System, Software, Hardware and other cross-discipline skills to unlock the previously “unsolvable” products. We thrive on innovation, knowing that pioneering concepts rarely have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ solutions. From our early work in extreme cold temperature electronics to making Imaging instrument measurements with COTS cameras, Athens Consulting delivers results. We strive to create easy to use, sophisticated results which deliver enhanced efficiency, durable effectiveness, and superior ROI


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Athens helps enable your success by providing our electronics/computer design expertise to augment your capabilities. while we have been mainly providing electronics, computing and software support in this period, we support any aspect of design that we are able for our clients. If we can’t support it in house, our network of partners most certainly can. We have been building expertise in various technical areas since our beginning and continue to today.

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" Athens Consulting is a wonderful engineering consultant company to work with. The principles of the company have demonstrated great competency , delivered quality work and showed their commitment throughout a lengthy and complex project. We consider them as a valuable partner for long term collaboration. "

Safe-Fire Inc.
" Athens Consulting was able to come up-to-speed quickly and help execute remotely some complicated radiation testing on a quite complex, modern SoC… Athens insisted on clear planning up front and on-going wide-bandwidth verbal communication backed up by doubly blessed capture in written form. "

Swift Engineering & Radiation Services

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