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Athens Consulting’s broad technology experience and expertise ranges from computer and electronics design to software development and support. We create packaging solutions that supplement our sensor, optical and hardware projects. Whatever size project you have, our team is the key to achieving your goal.


Athens helps enable your success by providing our electronics/computer design expertise to augment your capabilities. while we have been mainly providing electronics, computing and software support in this period, we support any aspect of design that we are able for our clients. If we can’t support it in house, our network of partners most certainly can. We have been building expertise in various technical areas since our beginning and continue through today.

Athens consulting

Our Services

Athens assists clients with complete system design services, as well as manufacturing and engineering management. Whether from design table or with existing applications we create software and hardware functions that enhance project performance. Our team expertly supports clients by troubleshooting code, debugging glitches, and by recommending corrections to existing electronic designs. We regularly create customized PCBs/PWBs that achieve our clients’ objectives and expectations. Simulation? We do that too, and we don’t stop there. Embedded Systems, Firmware, Web-Based User Interfaces are just the beginning.


Whether it is modifying or building an entire project our team can be with you from the ground up to the finish line. No job is too small or too complex for us. In fact, we haven’t met a challenge yet that we haven’t conquered.


Our technological expertise transcends the conceptual world to real world physical applications. We are experienced in every aspect of hardware development, from power and sensor design, the fabrication processes, testing and performance calibration and automation, to performance simulation and analysis.


Our knowledge of control systems and sensor interfaces extend from conventional automation systems to robotics. Our software designs deliver easy to use solutions to even the most robust issues. Athens’ software development is capable of delivering elegant resolutions which complement existing designs, or simply provide a clean fix to an incessant bug.

For over two decades we have been the source of cutting-edge technology with hands on experience in projects ranging from imaging, signal processing and robotics, to control systems and power engineering. Athens’ work delivers the future.

Our Areas of Work Include:

  • IOT Devices
  • Hardware & Software
  • Consumer Entertainment Electronics
  • PCB / PWB boards
  • FPGAs
  • Process Automation Application Software
  • Instrument Sensors
  • GigE and USB3 Cameras
  • Handheld Instruments
  • Robotics
  • Motor Control
  • Power Engineering
  • Custom Database Applications
  • RFID Systems

Product & Project Services

Product Development

- Project Goals
- System Definition
- Requirements & Specifications
- Scheduling
- Statement Of Work (SOW)

Engineering Support

- Target our skills to specific sections of your Projects
- Hand off smaller parts of your projects to Athens
- Free up time for you to focus the “new stuff”

Hardware Services

Hardware Design

- Digital & FPGAs
- Analog
- Sensor Interfaces
- Power
- Motor Drivers

Fabrication Oversight

- PCB layout
- PCB fabrication
- PCB Conductivity tests
- PCB Assembly
- XRAY and CT Scans

Testing and Calibration

- Regression Tests – HDWE & SW
- Automated Product Testing Systems
- Automated Product / Sensor Calibration
- Distributed Camera And Sensor System Testing

Simulation & Analysis

- Digital Timing Simulation
- SPICE Simulation
- Signal Integrity Simulation
- Timing Analysis
- Part Stress Analysis
- Failure Analysis

Software Services

Software Domains

- IOT / Embedded Systems
- Industrial And Process Control
- Scientific Development & Applications
- Distributed Systems
- Business Systems

Software Platforms

- Embedded Systems
- Custom Devices
- SOC Based Solutions
- Windows, Linux, MacOS Desktop Applications
- iOS and Android Mobile Apps and Front Ends
- Local And Cloud Based Layered Solutions

Why Choose Us

  • Board made for instrumentation of a radiation beam
    test on an integrated circuit.
  • Board Connector selection and placement
    implemented to client specifications.
  • FPGA under test was designed with specific radiation
    test circuits.
  • Board interfaced with client’s existing test backplane.
  • Test Application software created to capture 128
    channels of test data via ethernet for display and disk

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